The Story 1


The Story 1


            The name of book is The girl with red hair and the IMIWIN. The writers who wrote this book name is IMIWIN. This book is really good for practice reading skills because I can gain vocabulary from the story and knowledge about gramma. I was enjoyed to read and I will give 4.0 score.

 This book is kind of a love story, I think this book is suitable for people who would like to practice fluency reading.

The story open with Mark, the guy who works in Mason’s store. His job area is security, he watches people on the screen. He always asks questions, what is the man putting into his bag? Why is that woman wearing two coats? And then he finds the answers. Mark sees a girl with red hair and he can not forget her. He fall in love to her so he is got some different questions. Who is the girl with red hair? She alway goes to the shop every Wednesday at 11.00 o’clock with a little boy. Mark wonders he is her little boy and he thinks the girl with red hair has a husband already. There are a lot of questions. However, Mark does not always find the right answers, but he wants to look into those beautiful green eyes and red hair again. One day Mark sees her on screen again. She goes to the shop with a little boy and another man. The man looks like her boyfriend. Mark feel disappointed then his friends ask him to hang out at nice club. That night he meets the girl with red hair again and he has an opportunity to talk with her. He find the whole answers, she does not have boyfriend and IMIWIN. He is really happy and continue to be her friend.

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